How To Find An HVAC Contractor In Wilmington, NC

Do you need to find an HVAC Contractor?

Trying to find HVAC contractors in Wilmington NC is an important factor worth considering when replacing an HVAC system for home improvement. The heating and cooling system is an expensive installation for both residential and commercial projects and should, therefore, be long lasting and efficient. Good heating and air conditioning repair contractors in North Carolina will ensure value for money and quality of service. On the flipside, poor choice in a contractor will have you seething with colossal financial ramifications as well as a system that is not efficient and cannot produce indoor comfort for you.

To find the ideal HVAC contractor with excellent customer service, an individual must start by asking where they can get an HVAC contractor. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is one place to start. This is a not for profit organization which has tasked itself with ensuring quality assurance for air conditioners and emergency services on energy-related issues. The organization consists of sixty thousand certified professionals as well as four thousand businesses that deal with the indoor environment and provision of energy-related services. ACCA assists clients who are seeking for quality contracting services by linking them up with businesses of good repute amongst their members. The businesses are sure to come certified with credible referrals for previous projects that have been undertaken.

For a guide on how to find the best HVAC contractors, watch the following video:

Where To Find The Best HVAC Contractors:

Angie’s list is also a website where one can obtain information about an HVAC contractor. In this website, an individual can validate and ascertain the level of proficiency and efficiency an HVAC contractor may have. The reviews on this website are based on aspects such as the level of professionalism within the contracting firm, their ability to meet deadlines and how well they honor the stipulated contractual agreements. The companies are graded from A to F. A is the highest attainable score whilst F is the least.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is another tool at the disposal of an individual seeking a good HVAC contractor. This bureau enables you to double check and verify the ratings placed directly by the consumers on HVAC contractors. Their websites outline whether complaints or commendations have been made against or for a particular contractor. The BBB offices are also available for contact within local states making them more physically present than most referral websites.

An individual can also seek for recommendations and referrals. This is more of an informal form of finding a good HVAC contractor which still remains highly effective. You can ask around from any available sources ranging from friends, acquaintances, colleagues or close family members. The main advantage of seeking recommendations is that an individual is able to get raw information that is based on direct personal experience. It is important to seek the referrals from trustworthy individuals and in most cases, those who are close within your circle will be sure not to mislead you. This also remains a cheap solution as it does not require a heavy time investment.

Once you have shortlisted possible contractors, it is worth seeking from them a reference list. The list should have at least three contacts who can be reached. The objective here is to call them up in order to find out if they have had previous professional engagements with the contractor regarding HVAC installations. If they did, an individual can further obtain information such as how effective the contractor was, their level of professionalism and any impediments that may have arisen and how it was tackled.

The referrals are important as they give an insight into how the contractor carries out their undertaking. It also helps in outlining the minute challenges and thus deciding whether or not to iron them out with the contractor or find another one to complete the task. A good HVAC contractor should be able to meet the standards of completing the project within or earlier than the stipulated time frame, within or under budget and carry out a proof of concept after the installation has been completed. It is also important for the contractor to ensure a high standard of duty and care when operating within private property. Any problems that may arise during the proof of concept should be immediately fixed without incurring additional costs to the consumer. Asking for referrals is more effective than running through reviews as most reviews out there are fictitious. It is especially important to watch out for glowing recommendations as they are highly suspect since nobody can be entirely perfect.

Certifications & Experience:

It is imperative to also look into the license requirements. The local government has the resource and mandate to furnish you with information regarding licensing and insurance requirements for HVAC contractors within the area. It is important to also ask them for the credentials of the HVAC contractor as this would provide an individual with better insight over how the contractor is rated. For proper licensing, a contractor needs to have attained a total of five years or more experience in the field prior to filing a license application request. The HVAC contractor should also have the capacity to maintain a minimal amount of insurance as well as bonding. Insurance is a core aspect as it ensures security in case of any unwarranted accidents that may occur during the installation process thus protecting the contractor, the client and the employees involved in the implementation on site. The HVAC contractor may be compelled to source for a license through the state, county or municipality. This entails obtaining a certificate for passing the necessary exams as well as technical training on HVAC procedures. The Contractors’ License Reference Site, as well as the National Contractors, provides a database for running licensing checks and looking into specific requirements for each state.

The HVAC contractor should be able to validate their work experience. In addition to the experience averred, it is crucial to also check out the stability of the business. A good business model should be able to attain a fair amount of stability which I also a sign that the firm is run within the ambit of the correct principles. This would be proof that the business employs the correct principles and professionalism during the disbursement of its duties. In addition to this, the technicians involved and the contractors should be able to produce the relevant certifications.

Organizations like the North American Technician:

Excellence (NATE) produce high-quality certifications that are satisfaction guaranteed based on the technician’s level of education and their work experience. Technical training comprises of a myriad of aspects from the industry. The cardinal aspects involved in training include air balancing and the handling technique of refrigerants. The technicians should, therefore, possess the adequate knowledge and certifications required to handle refrigerants. Section 608 of the Clean Air Act stipulates that individuals who do not profess the relevant certifications should and must not be allowed to handle refrigerants. This factor remains salient now more than ever as a paradigm shift exists from the Freon refrigerant to the R-410A technology. Competent technicians should be handling the shift in order to make the switch a resounding success. Technicians should have received training for the testing and balancing of installations to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and smooth running. The standard set for adequate training in these facets has been adequately outlined by the National Comfort Institute.

What To Look For When Hiring an HVAC Contractor:

The type of brand also plays an invaluable role when determining the perfect HVAC contractor. A contractor who portends to have a good layout on installation should have proven knowledge and experience working with top brands. It is paramount that further training is conducted with these brands as each system manufacturer has its own systems in place and trade components that are unique to that specific brand. A quality consultant within the brand should ensure that interested technicians working with their brand obtain adequate and relevant training regarding installation and maintenance in order to optimize the work output.

It is important to take out a surety bond against the contractor. This bonding process ensures that the client is protected against unfair business practices and keeps the contractor in check. The bond acts as financial security in case aspects of the project go array or contractual obligations are not adequately met. Bonding is a prerequisite for the HVAC contractor before they are able to obtain a government license. The amount, however, differs across different municipalities.

An HVAC contractor is required to conduct an evaluation of the clients’ premises. This entails carrying out a detailed and physical outlook on the energy requirements of the premises. This gives them a better understanding of the environment and puts the contractor in a better position to advice on the needs of the abode or premises. The contractor is able to determine the adequate heating and cooling solutions that should be made applicable. Factors such as the square footage of the property, the layout of the interior and the building construction materials are taken into consideration. Contractors are required to make an inspection of the duct system so as to ensure that cases such as leaks, insulation, and loose chippings are addressed. The evaluation should be followed by an itemized quotation so as to evaluate the cost. This is a written and itemized document which allows for the client to compare and contrast the various underlying costs, the warranties that are applicable and the efficiency of the energy system contained within the proposal. Factors such as the pricing and overall climate of the locale must be put into consideration. Multiple estimates should be sought for as this gives a better perspective on different costs. In addition to this, warranty information should also be given close attention.

Discounts should be checked for. A large number of contractors offer attractive discount rates which may be available on their website. In the event that no such matter has been mentioned, it is prudent to call and seek clarity as some may not be explicitly mentioned. Since an HVAC system is an expensive investment, qualities that lower the cost such as rebates and special pricing should always be looked into.

Energy efficient models should be given first priority when selecting an HVAC system. The contractor must, therefore, be able to install the most energy efficient models in the market. Energy usage counts for heavy running costs and should, therefore, be minimized as much as possible. A technician with adequate experience and proper training must be able to outline the models that are best suited for a particular piece of property in terms of efficiency and running costs. Energy Star is a government program that is tasked to ensure that HVAC equipment undergoes rigorous testing in order to ascertain the efficiency of the system. Energy Star is the government’s program for rigorously testing HVAC equipment for efficiency.

The contract signed should be bulletproof and without any existing loopholes. To ensure this, the client must ensure that the contract is well detailed, covering every nook and cranny regarding the specifics of the installation project. An iron-clad contract ensures that any eventuality that may arise is well taken care of. All communications pertaining to the project must be done in writing so as to have a point of reference. The contract should contain the start date, force majeure events, the labor cost as well as the equipment cost, the due dates for payment and the completion deadline.

Other small facets may also be applicable when looking out for a good HVAC contractor. The ideal contractor should be able to communicate to their client adequately on the nature of their work and be able to carry their company with pride. Pride can be seen in small aspects such as having their official vehicles bear the company emblem.

Top 5 HVAC Contractors In Wilmington, NC:

1. O’Brien Service Company.

A locally owned and operated establishment started in 1981 to ensure a complete level of heating and air services. Covers installation and maintenance.

Phone Number: (910) 799-6611

Address: 3308 Enterprise Dr. Wilmington, NC 28405

2. Butler’s HVAC service.

Covers heating and air needs. Installs new HVAC systems as well as ductwork operations. The company is licensed and bonded as per regulations.

Phone Number: (910) 207-6000

Address:119 Caldis St Whiteville, NC 28472

3. All About Energy Solutions.

Offers free energy audit. Inspects all necessary requirements of the property. Installs radiant barriers.

Phone Number: (910) 253-0170

Address: 112-A S Kerr Ave Wilmington, NC 28403

4. Excel Air.

A Prequalified Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor.

Phone Number: (910) 686-0123

Address: 3301-A Merchant Court  Wilmington, NC 28405

5. Aire Serv of Coastal Carolina.

Nate certified in air conditioning, heat pumps & gas heat. Services all known air conditioning brands. Is licensed and insured.

Phone Number: (910) 212-6081

Address: Hampstead, NC 28443

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